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Digital Asset Management Modul: Cannot open folder properties is folder contains files with >2GB

If you are trying to open the folder properties of a folder containing files (with more than 2GB) an exception is thrown and opening the folder properties window does not open properly.

You can reproduce the issue with just two files in one folder and modifying the Size column in the dbo.Files table.

I've debugged the problem and saw an arithmetic overflow in DotNetNuke.Modules.DigitalAssets.Components.Controllers.DigitalAssetsController.GetFolderSizeField(IFolderInfo folder)

IMHO this is a show stopper since the user is not able to edit the folder permissions in the Digital Asset Management module.

In our productive environment we have folders containing about 200GB of data and the problem exists an all "parent folders" that exceeds a specific file size limit.

Thanks in advance,