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Delete Themes failed if it was installed with a wrong package file

I don't think it is a regression bug, but an issue brought in when we trying to handle all zip files during the extension installation.

Sample Module: \\dnn-vh1\QA\Tools & Software & 3rd Party Skins Modules\3rd Party Skins\2016Nov\SampleSkinsFromHotCakes\Gravity-Bootstrap-Skins-Site-Templates_unzipMe.zip

  • By certain chance, ppl might be able to install some wrong zip file in Extensions without "Unzip" first. At that moment, the extension installer normally will ask for 2 options to continue: Theme or Container.
  • If user picked up "Theme" at that time, and the installer will continue and add this new installed item to PB > Themes
  • However, that theme won't be able to delete. It will pop up some error like I copied below:
2017-04-22 10:15:40,664 [DNN-PC107][Thread:33][ERROR] Dnn.PersonaBar.Themes.Services.ThemesController - System.InvalidOperationException: UsePackageUninstall
   at Dnn.PersonaBar.Themes.Components.ThemesController.DeleteThemePackage(PortalSettings portalSettings, ThemeInfo theme)
   at Dnn.PersonaBar.Themes.Services.ThemesController.DeleteThemePackage(ThemeInfo theme)


  • Either it should be deleted no matter what since it was installed successfully,
  • Or the installer shall not allow the installation from the 1st place.