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Localization - German Translation in "Translate Page Content" tab is incorrect

Create new Platform 9.1.0 site in German using latest build
Log in as Host or *Administrator
*Go *Persona Bar > Extensions and add at least 1 addition non en-US language
Go *Persona Bar > Settings > Site Settings > Languages
Enable the other languages
Enable Localized Content for all languages
Click the Translate Page Content icon for any language

Actual Result:
Tab opens and text/buttons are not completely visible see https://dnntracker.atlassian.net/browse/CONTENT-8156

The Save Translations to File button is huge because the tranlatation to German is very wordy

The German text is
*Alle Seiten in dieser Sprache veröffentlichen, die als übersetzt gekennzeichnet sind. *

Translation via Google gives
Publish all pages in that language, that are marked as translated.

Expected Result:
This button should effectively translate Publish All Page into each supported language

Alle Seiten veröffentlichen